Vónin’s Tornado breakthrough

Vónin has brought a new level of sophisticated construction to its trawl doors, bringing together five foils with the company’s patented flow booster, precisely managing and accelerating the flow of water through and past the doors’ surfaces to maximise lift.

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Ten years of Hydrowing doors

Polar Fishing Gear has celebrated ten years of its Hydro-wing trawl doors, as in March 2006 a 12 square metre pair of Mars doors went on board Ísfélag’s Snorri Sturluson for fishing redfish and later that same year a pair was supplied to Sjólaskip for its operations off West Africa.

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Vónin trawl doors

Faroese fishing gear manufacturer Vónin has made an entrance to the trawl door business with pelagic and demersal models that were introduced at the company’s Vónin Day at the Nordic House in Tórshavn with a hundred and fifty vessel owners, skippers, mates and deck bosses present.

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Immediate results with new sensors

Shark Bay Seafoods of South Fremantle in Australia recently installed a Notus Trawlmaster on its deep-water triple rig trawler. The skipper and fleet manager have seen an immediate payback for the system.

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