Trawl door producer adapts to meet deadlines
Thyborøn Trawldoor has taken rapid steps to adapt to government restrictions, as is so far keeping to its delivery deadlines

Trawl door producer adapts to meet deadlines

This week Danish trawl door manufacturer Thyborøn Trawldoor is shipping new doors to customers in the USA, Scotland, Canada, the Russian Far East and Spain, after having made some radical changes to working practices as the company adapts to strict restrictions.

‘The situation around the world is frightening, with companies shut down and people losing jobs, but we have to keep sight of what matters the most these days – which is human lives,’ said Henrik Andreassen.

‘For now our production is still running, as is the design team, and the sales team are still available around the clock for service and sales.’

With all of its manufacturing located in Denmark, production at the Thyborøn factory is split with the morning shift relieved at 1400 by the late shift which works to 2300. The office team is also split to keep people safely separate.

‘We have to co-operate and work as a team – but apart or at a distance. We are still getting orders done,’ he said. ‘Fortunately, shipping is still running, and this makes us capable of still delivering trawl doors to our customers in different parts of the world. So we are managing to keep to deadlines and deliver on time.’

He commented that there is no choice but to follow the government restrictions aimed at bringing the Covid-19 outbreak under control.

‘Here in Thyborøn we understand and appreciate the terrible situation we find the world in,’ Henrik Andreassen.

‘We are carefully following the guidelines laid down by the Danish government, and we take pride in ensuring that we stick to the precautions.’