Norfrigo sets up in Dunkerque
Le Garrec and STEF have chosen Dunkerque as the site for the new Norfrigo cold storage facility

Norfrigo sets up in Dunkerque

Norfrigo, the grouping of seafood specialist Le Garrec, the the Boulogne-based family company, with European leader in cold logistics, the STEF group, has decided to set up a new cold storage unit in the logistics zone on the west port of Dunkerque. They have opted for a location close to the Container Terminal and the Border Inspection Post.
Specialising in seafood logistics, the Le Garrec group has always chosen to establish itself in port areas, as it has done in Le Havre with Cap Gel and in Boulogne-sur-Mer with Norfrigo in order to optimise its position with respect to the import/export flows.
Norfrigo has always been highly close to the development of the Port of Dunkerque and took part in 2014 in the States General of local employment in Dunkerque and more specifically in its logistics-focused working group.
Their new facility will have a capacity of 48,000 m3, equivalent to 10,400 pallets, and eventually will be extendable. It will absorb part of the flow of imports for Norfrigo’s trading/importer customers and thus offer a complementary service to that already provided in Boulogne-sur-Mer. It will Create 10 to 15 jobs.
‘There is a real interest for our import customers, for economic reasons, especially in terms of operating costs, also to benefit from the administrative facilities enabled by optimal cooperation with the veterinary services and the customs authorities, and for reasons of fluidity and reliability,’ said Antoine Le Garrec – President of the Fishing and Service branch of the Le Garrec et Cie Group.
‘In addition, Brexit and the modification of the French tax rules on the imports of sea products with the abolition of the parafiscal charge at 0.27% (2019 finance law) are all opportunities. That abolition should create an in-draught for imports to the domestic market, and the port of Dunkerque, due to its position near Boulogne-sur-Mer, which is the number one marketplace for European seafood processing, will become the ideal entry point for EU importers-traders-industrialists. The flexibility of the Port of Dunkerque in its overall operation, as well as its reliability are also assets that make our presence in logistics relevant. This development of Norfrigo will allow us to secure our business in Boulogne-sur-Mer and diversify our service offering while expanding the geographical scope of our business thanks to the new site in Dunkerque.’
According to Stéphane Raison, President of the Executive Board of Dunkerque-Port, they are delighted with the decision, as the Port of Dunkerque has for a number of years been building up a solid reputation for processing products under controlled temperature.
‘The fruit and vegetable sector was the first to really become so important that Dunkerque became the first port in France to import these products in containers. In recent years, the shipping services have developed, a new Veterinary and Phytosanitary Inspection Service has been set up, enabling a larger number of consignments,’ Stéphane Raison said.
‘In terms of taxation, the reverse charge procedure for VAT on imports and, more recently, the abolition of the tax on imported seafood highlights the competitiveness of our port all the more. As a result of these changes and developments, we have seen stronger interest from importers of meat and seafood products. We are clearly focusing on logistics for all of these temperature-controlled product lines, since we need the resources and facilities to welcome them. As such, we are very pleased with the forthcoming set-up of a company such as Norfrigo to underpin that growth and offer additional floorspace to the stakeholders who have been here for many years.’