IFFO announces incoming President and Vice-President
Anne Mette Bæk steps into the role of IFFO President on 1st January next year. Image: Lee Haiqing

IFFO announces incoming President and Vice-President

Following elections for the new IFFO management board (commencing on the 1st January 2020), IFFO – The Marine Ingredients Organisation – has announced that its incoming President is Anne Mette Bæk and Vice President is Gonzalo de Romaña.

Anne Mette Bæk is the Executive Director of Marine Ingredients Denmark, representing the Danish fishmeal and fish oil industry. She also heads the international association of the European fishmeal and fish oil producers: EUfishmeal. Anne Mette has been a member of the IFFO Board of directors since 2014.

Gonzalo de Romaña is the CEO of Peruvian fishmeal and fish oil producer Tecnológica de Alimentos (TASA). He has been a member of the IFFO Board of Directors since 2018.

IFFO’s new Vice-President is Gonzalo de Romaña. Image: Lee Haiqing

‘I look very much forward to taking on this role for the coming two years. As the networking heart of the marine ingredients industry, IFFO is committed to championing the industry’s best practices and being a driver for change worldwide,’ Anne Mette Bæk said.

‘52% of all marine ingredients are already certified as being responsibly sourced. I am convinced that the whole seafood supply chain can benefit from shared knowledge and expertise to bring our industry even further in this direction.’

Incoming Vice President Gonzalo de Romana commented that collaboration with all stakeholders is vital for the long-term success of the industry.

‘IFFO acts as a platform representing the industry’s contribution to achieve vital SDG goals pertaining to the protection of life below water, eradication of hunger and poverty and will continue to so,’ he said.