Crabber crews stay dry and warm
JSC Arcticservice’s crabber was fitted with a drying room by Pronomar in collaboration with Ünoks Industrial Stainless Steel Equipments. Image: Pronomar

Crabber crews stay dry and warm

Two years ago, a crab fishing vessel was delivered by Tersan Shipyards to Russian fishing company JSC Arcticservice, and this crabber has now been active in Russian waters for some time.

Built to catching crabs in depths of up to 400 metres, it also processes catches on board. Processed crabs are frozen and stored in a separate cold storage room. Due to occasional harsh weather conditions and the temperatures in the refrigerated fishroom, Pronomar collaborated with Ünoks Industrial Stainless Steel Equipments to equip this vessel with an efficient drying room solution for the crew’s workwear.

Ünoks is one of the leading companies in its sector, producing high-quality stainless steel furnishings for galleys and laundry areas for marine use as well as delivering turn key projects​. So Pronomar and Ünoks teamed up to design a professional drying room inside the crab catcher. Multiple dryers were installed to ensure crew no longer suffer from wet jackets, trousers, boots and gloves.

Working in wet and cold clothing is a very frequent problem on board many vessels due to adverse conditions. In addition, low temperatures can result in many negative physical and social consequences for those processing the caught crab in the cold storage rooms. Therefore, providing warm and dry clothing definitely leads to a more motivated and healthier workforce.

Pronomar appreciates this successful collaboration with Ünoks and is looking forward to further common projects.