Okeanrybflot orders second factory trawler
Okeanrybflot has ordered a second ST-191L factory trawler, for deliver in mid-2020. Image: Skipsteknisk

Okeanrybflot orders second factory trawler

Russian fishing company Okeanrybflot has placed an order for a second Skipsteknisk-designed factory trawler, to be built to the same ST-191L design as a first vessel which is planned to be delivered in June this year.

This second vessel’s delivery is planned for mid-2020. The ST-191L design is for a 108 metre LOA, 20 metre beam factory vessel with accommodation for a crew of up to 150 and a pair of 4060kW main engines plus twin 1900kW auxiliary engines.

Okeanrybflot will operate the two new trawlers primarily on Alaska pollock in the Sea of Okhotsk, as well as fishing for herring, mackerel and pollock in the Pacific, with a factory deck laid out for producing fillets and H&G pollock, as well as pollock roe and liver.

The 450 tonne/day production capacity trawlers will operate mainly on Alaska pollock. Image: Skipsteknisk

Production lines for filleting and wholefreezing herring and mackerel are also part of the layout, which includes RSW capacity for buffer, reception and factory feeder tanks.

The two Okeanrybflot trawlers are expected to have a 450 tonne/day freezing capacity in a combination of automatic and manual horizontal plate freezers, plus an IQF freezing tunnel.

Frozen production is to be held in the 4700 cubic metre fishroom. The meal plant production will be around 230 tonnes/day.

The two new trawlers are being built for extended operation, with interconnected union purchase derrick systems for offloading at sea to reefer vessels and for supply of fuel, cartons, provisions and other consumables and equipment to be carried out during transhipment.

The ST-191L trawlers, built at Tersan, are arranged for pelagic and semi-pelagic trawling, with twin main trawl winches, ice gallows and four large pelagic sweepline drums, and the deck laid out with side-by-side trawl tracks. The layout allows for pumping catches on board at the stern.

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