The CatchApp: what do fishermen really think?
According to the Coastal PO, the new CatchApp is generating nothing but complaints from users. Image: Coastal PO

The CatchApp: what do fishermen really think?

The Coastal PO is calling all UK under 10 metre fishermen to register their experience of using the new CatchApp for logging catches.

‘We have received only complaints and have been contacted by people having real trouble using the MMO’s new CatchApp, either from their phones or when trying to report their catches in other ways,’ a Coastal PO spokesman said.

‘Despite this we hear that the MMO is telling people (and presumably so is Defra) that it’s all going great and that fishermen love it. They’re saying you only hear about the moaners or I was in Rye the other day and all the fishermen there gave it a big thumbs up, and so on.’

The Coastal PO wants to get the real story from fishermen around the UK with experience of using the Catch App, and are inviting users to spend a couple of minutes to complete this important survey setting out the reality of using it.