Quota boost for Baltic demersal fisheries

Quota increases are proposed for next year for some Baltic stocks, including both western and eastern plaice and western Baltic cod, but reductions are proposed for some stocks, including western herring. The EU Commission’s proposals also include increases in Gulf of Riga herring and Main Basin salmon quotas. Reductions are recommended for the remaining stocks covered by the proposal.

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Henk Senior – plaice hunter

Skipper Louwe de Boer has taken delivery of the new Osprey Group seine netter/twin-rigger Henk Senior, making only a brief call in IJmuiden after steaming home from the Nodosa yard in Spain to change gear, take on boxes and stores, and head plaice grounds.

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European Commission’s Baltic proposals for 2017

The European Commission has set out proposals for Baltic fisheries for 2017, with a big increase in plaice, increases in sprat and some herring fisheries, but no decisions on western or eastern Baltic cod for next year.

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Refit boosts fishroom capacity

Operators of one of only a few beam trawlers under the Danish flag, Erik and René Kloster found themselves struggling for fishroom space as there is nothing unusual about a 35 to 40 tonne trip on plaice.

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Innovative Dutch rulebreaker

The new Immanuel MDV-1 breaks plenty of the accepted rules of how a fishing vessel should look. It was built in a little over a year as a co-operative project by the Padmos and Hoekman shipyards and delivered last summer to Urk owners Klaas Kramer and Hendrik Romkes.

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Demersal discard ban becomes a reality

UK fisheries minister George Eustice has announced that from the 1st of January, British fishermen targeting demersal species including haddock, plaice and sole must land all their catches as the latest phase of the discard ban comes into force.

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