Securing rights for Western Australia’s fisheries are top priority
Alex Ogg has been appointed CEO of the Western Australian Fishing Industry Council. Image: WAFIC

Securing rights for Western Australia’s fisheries are top priority

Securing the future of Western Australia’s commercial fisheries is a top priority for Alex Ogg, the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Western Australian Fishing Industry Council.

Announcing the appointment, WAFIC Chairman, Ron Edwards said Western Australia’s billion dollar commercial fishing, pearling and aquaculture sectors faced a range of challenges which Alex Ogg is well equipped to handle.
‘Alex has the practical knowledge, passion and strategic vision to lead our industry at this important time,’ Ron Edwards said.
‘He is commercially astute, widely respected and highly qualified and comes to the role with an impressive track record of success in our industry.’
Alex Ogg commented he looks forward to working with industry members to promote the substantial social and economic value of WA’s commercial fisheries and to secure ongoing access to these renewable resources.
‘Western Australian seafood producers are global leaders when it comes to sustainable, responsible stewardship of our ocean’s renewable bounty,’ he said.
‘We will work hard to establish a vision for a shared resource with the recreational fishing sector to ensure all Western Australians are able to access and enjoy our incredibly diverse range of fisheries, up and down our vast coastline. From delivering thousands of jobs in our coastal communities, to providing the high quality seafood products which support WA’s hospitality and tourism industries, seafood producers are an integral part of our local economy.’
He said a successful industry helps strengthen the WA economy and the issue of improved security around access rights was central for commercial fishers and members in the pearling and aquaculture sectors.
‘Working with government to secure the future for our commercial fisheries is important for the health of our economy and the thousands of workers who rely on our industry. WAFIC wants to achieve fair and equitable access in all fisheries for commercial, recreational and customary fishers,’ he said.
‘Our WA seafood producers are world leaders in every aspect of fisheries management and all Western Australians should be proud of their expertise and stewardship.’
Ron Edwards pointed out that under Alex Ogg’s leadership WAFIC had recently brokered several important cross-industry agreements and supported the creation of Southern Seafood Producers WA – a collaboration between members from 21 different fisheries.
‘Across more than 50 fisheries and in pearling and aquaculture, WAFIC represents the men and women who have built a world-class seafood industry in Western Australia,’ he said.
‘There are exciting opportunities for our industry to grow and make an even bigger contribution to the social and economic life of our State and I look forward to working with Alex in his new role.’
Fishing company Austral Fisheries has welcomed the WAFIC board’s decision, congratulating Alex Ogg on securing the position.
‘Austral Fisheries believes that the combination of strong leadership from WAFIC Chair, Dr Ron Edwards and new WAFIC CEO Alex Ogg will deliver long-term development and positive strategic outcomes for the industry,’ a spokesman for the company said.
‘Austral Fisheries look forward to providing support to progress positive outcomes for the Australian fishing industry, and once again warmly congratulate Mr Ogg on his appointment.’