Work starts on third Kapitan trawler for Norebo
Work has begun on the third of the ten trawlers being built at the Severnaya shipyard for Norebo. Image: Severnaya Verf

Work starts on third Kapitan trawler for Norebo

The third in the series of Nautic-designed trawlers for Norebo subsidiary Karelian seafood is now under construction at the Severnaya (Northern) shipyard in St Petersburg, with delivery due in 2021.

This third trawler in the innovative series is named Kapitan Ostashkov, named after a Hero of Socialist Labour and head of the Murmansk Task Force who was closely involved in the development of new fishing vessel designs and pioneered new North Atlantic fishing grounds.

The series of ten trawlers are designed by Nautic, with design documentation and working documentation completed by Russian company Nautik Rus

According to Karelian Seafoods director Vladimir Grigoriev, like the first two in the series, Kapitan Sokolv and Kapitan Geller, this trawler will operate on cod, haddock and other groundfish species in the North Atlantic.
The initial series of six are designed for full processing on board, with factory decks equipped for fillet, mince, liver and fishmeal production.
Severnaya Shipyard director Igor Ponomarev commented that with their sophisticated power and propulsion systems, fishing vessels are second only to military vessels in terms of complexity
Of course, there are no complicated communication and weapon systems, which account for a large proportion of the work that goes into military orders,’ he said.
‘But fishing operators have their own particular requirements concerning construction, hygiene standards for food production, certification, and more. So building these ultra-modern trawlers means that the yard expands its experience and competence.’
There are ten trawlers altogether in the planned Norebo series, six for northern waters and a further four for the Far East.
The company has already reached agreement with the Federal Agency for Fisheries on allocation of northern region investment quotas for the first six, and expects to sign agreements with the Agency for pollock and herring quota in the Far East for the additional four trawlers.
Severnaya Shipyard currently has 14 fishing vessels under construction. These are the ten Norebo trawlers, plus three longliners for Virma and one for Globus.