Faroese operator prepares for new trawler
Thor Fisheries’ new vessel is being designed by Skipsteknisk

Faroese operator prepares for new trawler

Faroese fishing company Thor Fisheries is reported to be well advanced with plans for a new trawler to be built to a Skipsteknisk design.

The DKK300 million new vessel is expected to replace some of the company’s older tonnage, including the 1971-built Rán, which was recently sold to Nigeria.
Plans have been developed and a design package is in preparation. So far the company has not placed an order for the newbuild, but is in dialogue with a number of shipyards.
The planned new vessel would be a multi-purpose fishing vessel capable of both pelagic and demersal fishing, with options for both groundfish and shrimp.
Thor Fisheries is part of the Thor Group based at Hósvík and was established in 2006. It has a number of fishing vessels within its present fleet and holds licences for fisheries n Faroese waters, as well as in NAFO, NEAFC and SPRMO areas.