Piriou establishes Côte d’Ivoire shiprepair company
Staff at Piriou Côte d’Ivoire, the latest in the French ship repair and shipbuilding group’s chain of yards serving the fishing and other maritime sectors. Image: Piriou Group

Piriou establishes Côte d’Ivoire shiprepair company

French shipbuilding and repair group Piriou has established itself in Côte d’Ivoire by acquiring a majority stake in Abidjan ship repair facility Marine Industrie Service (MIS), rebranding the company Piriou Côte d’Ivoire.

Located inside the Autonomous port of Abidjan, at the heart of the fishing port, the company goes back to 1991 and has a track record of maintenance and repair services, as well as industrial maintenance, for a clientele operating in the fishing, oil and logistics sectors. It has a staff of 30 and 2000 square metres of workshop space.
Piriou Côte d’Ivoire will be able to take advantage of full support from the Piriou group, opening up opportunities for it to invest, reinforce their workforce, and enhance their range of services to shipowners.
MIS managing director Bruno Villiers is at the helm of launching Piriou Côte d’Ivoire as chair of the board of directors,with Jérôme Tinard, Piriou Group’s former former assistant director responsible for development, takes over as general manager of the new company.
‘As announced in 2017, Piriou is taking all the steps necessary to extend its international network of services to its shipowner customers,’ said Piriou Group CEO Vincent Faujour.
‘Following the establishment of Piriou Reunion in 2017, Piriou Senegal and Piriou Maroc in 2018, the creation of Piriou Côte d’Ivoire reinforces our position in West Africa, in synergy with Piriou Nigeria (WAS). This new addition helps us to reinforce our links with our longstanding customers such as Saupiquet, Boluda, CFTO, Bourbon, and to develop our relations with the Ivory Coast companies such as IRES, Foxtrot, SONACO, Iris group, and others. We are very pleased that, to carry this out, we can rely on Bruno and Clotilde Villiers. Thanks to the acquisition of MIS, a company which has an excellent reputation and which deserves investment for growth.’
‘I am very proud to sell MIS, a company created by my father that I took over in 2006, to the Piriou Group,’ Bruno Villiers said.
‘We share the values of commitment, quality and service which will ensure the success of Piriou Côte d’Ivoire. I remain committed to serving my clients, my employees and my partners.’