Pingtan sends ten new jiggers to international waters
Ten new jiggers owned by Pingtan Marine Enterprise are heading for international waters. Image: Pingtan Marine Enterprise

Pingtan sends ten new jiggers to international waters

Chinese fishing company Pingtan Marine Enterprise has announced that its ten new squid jigging vessels have left the port of Shidao in Weihai and are heading for fishing areas in international waters.

These new vessels are all large-scale squid jigging vessels with a 65.16 metre length, with the build process was completed in June this year. Following approval by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, the ten jiggers are licensed for fishing operations in the international waters of the Indian Ocean, the North Pacific Ocean, the Southeast Pacific Ocean and Southwest Atlantic Ocean.

‘We held a simple ceremony as these ten new vessels left port. We believe that the fishing operations of these vessels will further enhance our catching capacity and increase the company’s supply of seafood to the market,’ said chairman and CEO Xinrong Zhuo.

‘Squid is one of our key products. The company is continuing to adapt its sales strategy in an effort to achieve our goal of growth in both catching volume and selling price, and we believe these new vessels will assist the company in reaching these goals.’


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