North Korea releases detained Russian fishing vessel
Syakhailin-8 alongside during detention on North Korea. Image: RusEmb/DPRK

North Korea releases detained Russian fishing vessel

Russian fishing vessel Syakhailin-8, which was detained by a North Korean border patrol earlier this month after allegedly straying in the country’s EEZ has been released, according to the Russian Embassy in Pyongyang.

Syakhailin-8’s crew during the vessel’s detention in North Korea. Image: RusEmb/DPRK

The release follows diplomatic efforts, and a number of visits to the 15 Russian and two South Korean crew on board, before skipper VL Verevka was informed that Syakhailin-8 was free to sail.
The 37-metre vessel was steaming from South Korea to crab fishing grounds in the Sea of Japan when it was intercepted, apparently for crossing a 50-mile limiting line that the crew were unaware of, and escorted to port in Wonsan where it was detained.
According to the North Korean foreign ministry, the vessel was detained for ‘violating the rules of entry and stay in North Korea.’
Russian news agency TASS reported that Syakhailin-8’s owners, the Sakhalin-based Northeastern Fishing Company, a new crew will take over as the stay in North Korea has been highly stressful for those on board during the vessel’s detention.
Syakhailin-8 left Wonsan for Sokcho in South Korea to put its two South Korean crew members ashore.