New cold store and processing plant for Makhachkala

New cold store and processing plant for Makhachkala

The Russian Caspian Sea port of Makhachkala is about to be developed with infrastructure for receiving, processing and storage of not less than 150,000 tonnes of fish annually. The deal has been struck between FGUP Natrbresurs and LLC Construction and assembly department No 12 (Republic of Dagestan), which bid for the lease agreement for the state-owned port.

There are investment conditions under the lease terms, with a requirement to construct a variety of facilities, including a sewage system, treatment facilities, a 1500 tonne capacity cold store and processing capacity, all with a 2020 completion deadline. The leassee is also required to carry out a programme of port modernisation through to the end of 2025, including providing transshipment and storage infrastructure for not less than 150,000 tonnes of seafood each year.

The modernisation of the Makhachkala Fishing Port is part of the Federal Agency for Fisheries’ strategy for the development of marine terminals for integrated services for fisheries up to 2030.

The main goal is to improve the quality of port logistics, technical and other services, as well as restoring and developing infrastructure designed for receiving, storing and processing fish products.

Taking into account the importance of the Volga-Caspian region in ensuring Russia’s food security, as well as the insufficient level of development of the Caspian’s aquatic biological resources, restoring and developing the fish terminal in Makhachkala has been designated as one of the priorities FGUP Natrbrisurs’ plans.