Flynth confirmed as sponsor for 2020 Holland Fisheries Event
Klaas-Jelle Koffeman, Paula van der Woude, Auke Hoefnagel and Rene Offenberg were present to sign the Holland Fisheries Event sponsorship agreement for 2020. Image: Holland Fisheries Event

Flynth confirmed as sponsor for 2020 Holland Fisheries Event

The 2020 Holland Fisheries Event will go ahead in Urk, sponsored again by financial specialist Flynth.

Klaas-Jelle Koffeman, chairman of Stichting Visserijdagen Urk, the organisation behind the Holland Fisheries Event, and treasurer René Offenberg joined Akue Hoefnagel, director of Flynth’s Urk-Emmeloord branch, to sign the sponsorship and co-operation agreement for next year’s event.

‘We are inextricably linked to the fishing industry,’ Auke Hoefnagel said.

‘Our motivation is the vibrant and innovative nature of the fisheries sector and we want to continue to support this by being the Holland Fisheries Event’s main sponsor.’

The companies Flynth does business with in the fishing sector frequently face tough choices, and often call on Flynth’s advisors and accountants to advise them on the best course of action.

Flynth has specialised for many years in advising the fisheries sector and is able to provide the latest market insights, as well as being up so speed with the latest regulations.
Next year’s Holland Fisheries Event takes place in Urk, 2nd-3rd October.