Norwegian partnership orders seiner/trawler from Skagen yard
Monsun will be delivered to its Norwegian owners in July 2021. Image: Karstensens Skibsværft

Norwegian partnership orders seiner/trawler from Skagen yard

Thor Gunnar Martinsen and partners in Setho Fiskeriselskap have placed an order with Karstensens Skibsværft for a 36 metre, 9.50 metre beam seine netter/trawler to be delivered in the summer of 2021.

The result of close co-operation between owners and yard, new Monsun’s hull will be built at the Karstensen yard in Poland and completed in Skagen.

Behind Setho Fiskeriselskap are Thor Gunnar Martinsen and Severin Reinertsen who each sail as skipper, while Thomas Martinsen is mate and engineer on board. Svein Arne Lunde, who also sails as mate, is part of the partnership. Fishing company Piraja, owned by Ove Pettersen, Kurt Pettersen and Birger Kristoffersen, is also part of the new Monsun’s ownership.

Setho Fiskeriselskap has been active since 2008 when they acquired the previous Monsun, built in 1966 but which had been systematically rebuilt and updated. Recognising the need for a new vessel and the fishing industry’s positive prospects, and with the agreement of its bankers, the partners concluded that a tailor-made newbuild would be the best option for the company.

The partners in Setho Fiskeriselskap state that they appreciate the Karstsensen yard’s hands-on approach in developing a design that suits their needs precisely, with seakeeping, stability and speed as key factors in reaching the hull arrangement, and with the focus on working and living conditions and on catch handling and quality above the waterline. Decisions on the equipment choice for Monsun will be made in the coming weeks.

They have also stated that they are grateful to Innovation Norway and local banks for their willingness to finance the venture, to all those who have contributed with applications, recommendations and permits, and to their wives and families for their support.

Karstensens currently has 16 fishing vessels either under construction or on order over the coming two years.