EUFA: Ready to discuss a future

EUFA: Ready to discuss a future

After an eventful week around the Brexit process, the European Fisheries Alliance (EUFA) has welcomed the decision by the House of Common to rule out a no-deal Brexit and continue efforts towards an orderly departure from the European Union by calling for an extension of article 50.

According to the EUFA, a hard Brexit would have grave consequences for both the EU’s and the UK’s fishing industry and we support all efforts to avoid such a scenario.

‘Every step away from the cliff edge is an important one for the men and women in the EU and the UK whose livelihoods depend on fisheries,’ said EUFA chairman Gerard van Balsfoort.

‘EUFA now stands ready to contribute to building a new relationship with our British colleagues that is grounded in reciprocity, understanding and mindful of our centuries of shared history.’

EUFA has stated that EU and UK fisheries have been sharing fishing grounds, fish and markets for centuries.

‘Fisheries will be the acid test of our post-Brexit relationship in any scenario. Hence, it is now time to turn to the future and provide fishermen with the certainty and predictability their businesses need. We are convinced that a mutually beneficial post-Brexit framework for our sector can be achieved that maintains joint management of stock and mutually preserves access to fishing grounds, fisheries resources, and markets,’ he said, commenting that in light of this, the European Fisheries Alliance warmly welcomes President Juncker’s statements that the EU and the team around Michel Barnier stand ready to discuss our a future as soon as the decisions have been made in London.

‘We fully support Michel Barnier’s efforts,’Gerard van Balsfoort added.

‘M Barnier has shown an in-depth understanding of the deeply intertwined nature of EU and UK fisheries and of the importance of devising the future bilateral relationship on fisheries in the wider economic context of the negotiations. We wish him every success.’

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