Bridon wire selling well in Iceland

Bridon wire selling well in Iceland

Staff at Icelandic fishing gear supplier Ísfell have been busy with sales of Bridon trawl warps recently, including delivering warps to practically all of the newbuilds delivered to the Icelandic fleet over the last year.

According to Jónas Þór Friðriksson at Ísfell, Bridon wires have always sold well over the years, and experience has shown that these warps last and are reliable, with both pelagic and demersal trawlers coming to Ísfell for their warps.

‘Bridon is a name that is familiar to every Icelandic vessel operator and skipper, as these warps have been in use here for decades,’ he said.

‘Many of us have been to visit Bridon’s factory in England to see how the company manufactures wire and manages its quality control. Bridon sales manager Simon Dixon is well known he has provided the Icelandic market with excellent service.’

Jónas Þór Friðriksson commented that the three new HB Grandi demersal trawlers Engey, Akurey and Viðey, plus pelagic vessel Venus, have all taken Bridon warps, as have the Samherji newbuilds Kaldbakur, Björgúlfur and Björg, as well as sister vessel Drangey owned by Fisk Seafood.

New VSV trawler Breki has been provided with a set of Bridon warps, as have Rammi’s Sólberg, the new Cuxhaven and Berlin built for DFFU, Emeraude for Compagnie des Pêches and UK Fisheries’ trawler Kirkella.

He added that Aðalsteinn Jónsson was rigged with Bridon warps when it was acquired by its Icelandic owners Eskja, and Greenland trawler Svend C also recently came to Ísfell for a new set of warps.