Agreement on Hawke’s Bay summer closure
237 square kilometres of Hawke’s Bay are closed to commercial fishing, except for trollers, from the beginning of December to the end of February. Image: Seafood New Zealand

Agreement on Hawke’s Bay summer closure

New Zealand’s commercial fishing industry is again supporting the closure of 237 square kilometres of ocean off Hawke’s Bay this summer.

The voluntary measure agreed between Napier Fishermen’s Association and LegaSea Hawke’s Bay is supported by Fisheries Inshore New Zealand (FINZ).

The area, known as Springs Box, is due east of Napier Port and to the north of Cape Kidnappers.
It has been closed to commercial fishing each year since the summer of 2015/16 in order to improve the recreational fishing experience and is an initiative that continues to be supported.

Positive collaboration between local recreational and commercial bodies continues to support positive relations between both sectors.

‘We are committed to working with recreational fishers in this shared fishery. This local initiative is an excellent example of the compromise and collaboration possible between competing sectors,’ said Fisheries Inshore New Zealand chief executive Jeremy Helson.

The closure will apply to all commercial fishing, with the exemption of fishers trolling for tuna, for the period 1st December 2019 to 28th February 2020.