1150 tonnes of herring in two tows
Margrét landing herring in Neskaupstaður. Image: Síldarvinnslan/Smári Geirsson

1150 tonnes of herring in two tows

Pelagic vessel Margrét docked at Neskaupstaður in eastern Iceland yesterday with 1150 tonnes herring caught in only two tows.

‘It went like clockwork,’ said Margrét’s skipper Birkir Hreinsson as the catch was being landed to the Síldarvinnslan factory for processing.

‘We were eight and a half hours on the fishing grounds. The first tow was 105 minutes and the second was 110.’

The catch was taken at the northern end of the Glettinganesgrunn grounds, and he reported that there is a lot of herring there, with no problem to make a decent trip.

‘The herring are also perfect. They are around 420 grammes and completely feed-free. This is the best raw material for production there is, and we were only three hours steaming in, so the fish could hardly be fresher,’ he said.

Margrét’s landing is the second delivery of herring to the Neskaupstaður factory this season, following a landing by Börkur before the weekend.

Once Margrét’s catch has been processed, the factory will be cleaned from top to bottom to be ready for the next landing, with Beitir on the way shortly from the herring grounds.


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