Steady fishing on mixed fish
Brim’s freezer trawler Vigri landing in Reykjavík

Steady fishing on mixed fish

Brim’s freezer trawler Vigri is fishing on the Hali grounds west of Iceland and according to skipper Árni Gunnólfsson, there’s steady fishing there for mixed fish.

‘We’ve been here for 36 hours. There’s not a lot of cod and we’ve mainly been getting saithe and haddock, some cod and a little redfish,’ he said, adding that the trip started when Vigri sailed from Reykjavík on 17th August.

‘We made a start on the Mountains, and then moved northwards to the Víkuráll Gully. Then we were on Westfjords grounds, most recently the Hali area, before we steamed south for a half-landing. We discharged 460 tonnes green weight in Reykjavík on 31st August, and once that was finished we steamed back northwards to the Westfjords grounds,’ he said, commenting that they have been around a lot during their month at sea.

‘There was heavy weather off the Westfjords for two or three days not long ago, so we headed eastwards along the north coast to stay clear of it. The furthest we went was the Rif Bank and the Sléttugrunn grounds. There was no fish there – at least, we didn’t see much – and the weather was bad with wind speeds of 25m/sec. But we did well on haddock on the way back, both in the Reykjafjörður Gully and the Horn Bank. Altogether, it’s been steady fishing for mixed fish. We probably have another 430 tonnes on top of what was landed earlier, and we have around another week to go before we’re due to land in Reykjavík,’ Árni Gunnólfsson said.


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