Zero-contact delivery for Calvert at Turkish yard
Calvert has been delivered to its Ocean Choice International crew under strict Covid-19 precautions. Image: Tersan

Zero-contact delivery for Calvert at Turkish yard

With freezer trawler Calvert ready to be delivered to Canadian owner Ocean Choice International, a series of extraordinary measures had to be taken to comply with Covid-19 restrictions.

The 74 metre LOA, 16 metre breadth Calvert was launched ready for outfitting in July last year at the Tersan yard in Turkey, built to a Skipsteknisk ST-117 design for demersal and pelagic trawling, and with three main winches for twin-rig trawling.

Calvert sailed this week for Newfoundland from the Tersan yard at Yalova. Image: Tersan

Calvert’s accommodation is for a crew of 39 – and due to the travel restrictions intended to prevent spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the crew travelled to Turkey on a chartered aircraft.
Both owners and yard made every effort to obtain the necessary special permits with the support and efforts of the Ministries of the Interior, Foreign Affairs, and Health in Turkey, and with the involvement of the Canadian authorities, especially the Canadian the consulate.

As the crew landed in Turkey, they were taken direct to the new trawler, complying with strict Covid-19 precautions to eliminate any direct contact with other persons. Calvert was evacuated before the Canadian crew’s arrival to ensure minimal contact.

Calvert is the first vessel delivered under such a legal process during the Covid-19 period, sailing from the yard at Yalova on 20th May for Newfoundland.

‘We are pleased and proud to have successfully delivered this fine vessel to Ocean Choice International, despite the challenges of Covid-19,’ stated Tersan’s managing director Mehmet Gazioglu.

Calvert is special for us due to her contributions to economic co-operation between Turkey and Canada. We believe this co-operation will continue and grow thanks to the high reputation of adding Ocean Choice International to our references. We are very proud to work with Ocean Choice International who are among the largest fishing companies in North America, and very proud of being the builder of such a magnificent vessel. We would like to thank the whole Tersan team who have been dedicated to this project to achieve this a success.’