Year-end gala for foreign crews
Deputy Director-General of the Fisheries Agency Cheng-Fang barbecued with foreign crewmen at one of the agency’s events. Image: Taiwan Fisheries Agency

Year-end gala for foreign crews

To show their appreciation for foreign crews from Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam working in Taiwan’s fishing industry, a year-end celebration was held at at one of the main fishing ports in Taiwan.

The event was held by the Fisheries Agency, the Coast Guard Administration and the Suao Fishermen’s Association held at Nanfang’ao fishing port, including a barbecue and karaoke, providing crew members with an opportunity to socialise with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Cheng-Fang Wang took part in a raffle with foreign crewmen. Image: Taiwan Fisheries Agency

The Taiwan Fisheries Agency also distributed gifts to the crewmen attending, as well as brochures on everyday language and common words used on fishing vessels, as well as information cards detailing the rights and benefits available to foreign crew members to help them familiarise with and comply with national laws and regulations.

In addition, Suao Fishermen’s Association held a raffle, drawing prizes such as clothes, shavers, soap, blankets, sleeping bags and bath towels.

Besides wishing everyone a Merry Christmas in advance, Deputy Director-General of the Fisheries Agency Cheng-Fang Wang also stressed that foreign crew members are important partners.

Vessel owners are requested to take care of the living conditions of foreign crew members, and foreign crew members are told to call 1955 (the Counselling and Protection Hotline for Foreign Workers) in the event of any improper treatment, or to ask the Suao Fishermen’s Association for help.

Throughout 2019, the Fisheries Agency has organised a number of pastoral events for foreign crew members with the National Immigration Agency, the Kaohsiung City Government, the Pingtung County Government, the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation, and the Kaohsiung, Donggang and Keelung Fishermen’s Associations.
As these events were positively welcomed, Fisheries Agency aims to continue to hold them.