US factory trawler crew tests Covid-19 positive
American Dynasty is under lockdown at the Seattle quayside after 85 crew members tested Covid-19 positive. Image: American Seafoods

US factory trawler crew tests Covid-19 positive

Having initially reported that one crew member on board factory trawler American Dynasty had tested positive for Covid-19, operating company American Seafoods carried out tests on the entire crew, with 85 testing positive. Results are pending for a further nine crew.

American Dynasty has docked Seattle and remains under lockdown. All crew are quarantined and monitored by medical personnel.

‘The health and safety of our crew, employees, and the communities where we operate is always the top priority for us,’ said American Seafoods CEO Mikel Durham, adding that the entire crew had been screened and tested for Covid-19 antibodies before embarkation.
Screening carried out before the season began were carried out through the University of Washington and only crew who tested negative were allowed to board.

‘American Seafoods is co-operating with the US Coast Guard, the CDC, the Seattle/King County Health Department, Whatcom County Health Department, and the Port of Seattle,’ Mikel Durham confirmed.

‘The crew has access to any required medical care, and we are thrilled with the support that the agencies we are working with have provided. We have also put in place preparedness procedures in the event of a virus outbreak. Those plans are being fully executed right now,’ she added.

‘As the situation continues to evolve, the health of our people is our priority. We will provide further updates, as appropriate.’