TH Company refits Mexican seiner
Seiner Chuyito XXX is getting a refit that includes an overhaul of the hydraulic system on board. Image: TH Company

TH Company refits Mexican seiner

The Spanish-based TH Company has secured contract in Mexico to refit sardine seiner Chuyito XXX, owned by Pesquera Siglo SA de CV.

The refit entails designing, manufacturing and installing a complete new hydraulic system, intended to increase efficiency as well as reducing Chuyito XXX’s energy requirement.

The scope of the project includes hydraulic directional control valves, replacement of tanks and piping, and installation of two new control consoles.

To ensure minimal disruption of the seiner’s fishing patterns, the refit is scheduled to be carried out at Pesquera Siglo’s Eco shipyard during the annual closure of the sardine fishery, so as not to deprive the company of vital fishing capacity during the fishing season.

The contract helps strengthen TH Company’s leading market position in in western Mexico’s Sonora region, a key area for the country’s sardine fishery.