Seven years of bait trials

After seven years of testing, Vigo fisherman Angel Rodriguez was about to give up on testing the bait developed by Vigo company Kf Iber Frost, but it turned out that it was worth persevering.

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Tight sole quota in eastern Channel

Boulogne PO FROM Nord, representing fishing vessels from distant water trawlers to inshore netters, is having to distribute sole allocations to its members cautiously this year following a 14% cut in this year’s quota.

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Good start to 2016

Ejner Thomassen is normally a cheerful fisherman, but the news in January a year ago that the Kattegat sole quota had been cut by 42% due to insufficient data was painful, especially as the fish were practically queuing up to come over the rail.

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Innovative Dutch rulebreaker

The new Immanuel MDV-1 breaks plenty of the accepted rules of how a fishing vessel should look. It was built in a little over a year as a co-operative project by the Padmos and Hoekman shipyards and delivered last summer to Urk owners Klaas Kramer and Hendrik Romkes.

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Demersal discard ban becomes a reality

UK fisheries minister George Eustice has announced that from the 1st of January, British fishermen targeting demersal species including haddock, plaice and sole must land all their catches as the latest phase of the discard ban comes into force.

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