Remøy released

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Norwegian shrimp trawler Remøy sailed yesterday after being released from arrest in Murmansk where it has been held for three weeks.

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Remøy still held in Murmansk

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A Norwegian shrimp trawler is still detained in Murmansk, two weeks after an inspection by Russian Coastguard showed a flaw in the trawler’s licensing paperwork. The trawler’s owners are on their way to Russia to meet the crew who have been in limbo for the last couple of weeks.

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Philippines continue to delay minimum standards order

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Representatives of the Citra Mina Workers Union and their national centre SENTRO have called on the seafood industry employers' association SFFAII to take stock of the potential consequences of growing international concern over the industry's ongoing failure to respect international standards.

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Bulgarian fleet blockades Varna

Bulgarian fishermen finally lost patience trying to forge a dialogue with the authorities and yesterday blockaded the channel leading to the Black Sea port of Varna, with more than 50 vessels taking part. They claim their next step will be to take their grievances to the EU Commission.

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IUF puts pressure on Citra Mina

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The IUF union representing food industry workers around the world is calling on Philippines company Citra Mina to facilitate the repatriation of the body skipper of one of its fishing vessels who died while in custody in Indonesia.

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Icelandic fleet on strike – again

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The agreements between the Icelandic Seamen’s Union Sjómannasamband Íslands (SÍ) and employers’ federation SFS have been thrown out by the Union’s membership, raising the likelihood of a strike that could last into the New Year.

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