Stranded beamer becomes seaside spectacle
UK-172 has been stranded for almost a week

Stranded beamer becomes seaside spectacle

Dutch beam trawler Sursum Corda UK-172 has been stranded on a Danish beach for almost a week now, and the beamer has become a spectacle as people head for the sandy beach to watch salvage work taking place.

Local police have even had to ask people to keep further away from the site while the salvage work off the Nørre Lyngby beach continues.

UK-172 suffered engine problems a week ago, and found itself on the Danish beach, where the sand has since them continued to tighten its grip on the beamer’s hull. Attempts to tow the stranded UK-172 off have so far been unsuccessful, and further attempts had to be postponed as the weather became unfavourable during the weekend.

Skipper Hendrik Romkes and his crew of five have remained on board the whole time and are now watching as dredger Toste R has been brought in to dredge a channel into the shallows. The hope is that once a channel has been cleared, the two other beamers that are waiting on standby can then haul UK-172 clear.

Once again, there is no shortage of spectators on the Nørre Lyngby beach as they wait for the latest attempt to pull UK-172 out of the sand.

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