Skår Senior seeks to build in Norway
Skår Senior’s new pelagic vessel is designed by Marin Teknikk and will have a 500 cubic metre RSW capacity. Image: Marin Teknikk

Skår Senior seeks to build in Norway

Norwegian design and engineering company Marin Teknikk has contracted to deliver designs for a new pelagic vessel for Herøy fishing company Skår Senior.

The combination purse seiner/pelagic trawler will have a 48 metre overall length with a 12 metre beam, and is to be built to Marin Teknikk’s MT1120 design.
Designed to meet the owner’s requirements, Skår Senior’s new pelagic catcher will have a 500 cubic metre RSW capacity and a vacuum pumping system to ensure catches get gentle handling. It is to be built to light Ice-Class and with accommodation for ten persons.

Skår Senior and Marin Teknikk staff celebrate the design contract for the new vessel. Image: Marin Teknikk

The yard has not yet been selected, but the owners are looking to build at a Norwegian shipyard and to take delivery of their new vessel in the fourth quarter of 2021.
‘We are very pleased to sign such a contract, which secures work for out highly skilled personnel at Marin Teknikk, in addition to creating activity within the Norwegian maritime cluster,’ said Marin Teknikk’s sales director Richard K Gjerde, commenting that this contract represent a solid recognition of the company’s work in a new and interesting market, as well as strengthening the company position in fishing vessel design.