Seiner pair for Norwegian company
Havfjord and Havvon are to be delivered to Carl Aamodt and his partners in early 2021. Image: Karstensens Skibsværft

Seiner pair for Norwegian company

Norwegian fisherman Carl Aamodt and his partners have ordered a pair of 36 metre seine netters from Karstensens Skibsværft

The design of the identical seine netters have been reached through a collaborative process between the yard and the customer. Acccording to Karstensens, the focus has been placed on optimising working areas, with a strong emphasis on catch handling and storage. The hull design is optimised for seakeeping, speed and stability.

Carl Aamodt started his fishing career with a leased shrimp boat, and today his companies are active in the pelagic sector and in whitefish with Scottish partners James Thores Jr and Scott Andrew Thores.

Havfjord and Havvon will have a 36 metre overall length with a 9.50 metre beam, and each will have a 735kW main engine driving a 3600mm diameter propeller.

Delivery is scheduled for early 2021, with the hulls to be built at Karstensens’ yard in Poland and brought to Skagen for completion.