Piriou delivers longliners to Noumea
New longliners Iaai, Nengone and Paici-Cemuhi were shipped to Noumea-New Caledonia. Image: Piriou

Piriou delivers longliners to Noumea

The second stage of a three-part programme of delivering new longliners to New Caledonia fishing company Navimon has been completed by Piriou.

Iaai is one of the series of eight new longliners built by Piriou for Navimon. Image: Piriou

The series of eight new vessels replace an older series that was also built by Pirou between 1998 and 2000. The new vessels are a series of longliners with a 20.70 metre overall length and 6.90 metre breadth, and 340kW main engines.

Each has a 75 cubic metre fishroom capacity, consisting of 50 cubic metres of storage space chilled to 0°C and a further 25 cubic metres refrigerated to -20°C

The first two in the series were delivered just over a year ago and have been successfully longlining for tuna in the Noumea EEZ.

The second set of vessels, Iaai, Nengone and Paici-Cemuhi were shipped to Noumea-New Caledonia, and a contract for the final three longliners was signed at the end of last year, with these boats due to be delivered to Navimon at the end of 2020.

By renewing its fleet of longliners, Navimon aims to improve crew comfort, make maintenance operations easier, optimise running costs and deal with issues related to security and environment compliance.

‘We are very happy we have kept Navimon’s confidence as a long-time customer, over nearly twenty years after their first vessels,’ said Piriou CEO Vincent Faujour.