Aas Mek awards contract for wellboat pumps

Aas Mek awards contract for wellboat pumps

Aas Mekaniske Verksted has awarded PG Flow Solutions a contract to supply seawater circulation pumps to a wellboat the shipyard is building for Brønnbåt Nord Lofoten.

The wellboat for Brønnbåt Nord Lofoten is Aas Mekaniske Verksted’s newbuild number 207. During the past year, the shipyard awarded similar contracts to PG Flow Solutions for newbuilds 204, 205 and 206 too.

‘2019 was a very good wellboat year for us, largely because Aas Mek has been very successful in this sector. Receiving another order from the yard gives us a great start to the new year,’ said Øyvind Berg, VP sales and marketing at PG Flow Solutions.

Pump and liquid handling specialist PG Flow Solutions will supply eight of the company’s large seawater circulation pumps to the 63.86 metre, 14 metre beam wellboat. The pumps ensure continuous seawater circulation in the boat’s well, which has a total capacity of 1200 cubic metres across two wells.

The seawater pump system from PG Flow Solutions has become Aas Mekaniske Verksted’s preferred system as it is very gentle with the fish, as well as energy efficient.

‘Our seawater pumps are designed to ensure the best possible fish welfare, which in turn translates into financial gain for both the wellboat operator and the fish farmers,’ Øyvind Berg said.

Another important feature of the pump system is that the crew on board can easily maintain the pumps without calling in a service technician, which helps to keep operating costs down.
The pump systems will be delivered to Aas Mekaniske Verksted’s yard.

Brønnbåt Nord Lofoten’s vessel will be of the yard’s own design, type AAS 1202 STDE-Hybrid. The ship is built with several environmentally friendly features, including low fuel consumption and greatly reduced emissions to air and sea, and is specially designed to operate in a relatively exposed area from its base at Ellingsen Seafood at Skrova.

The ship will be built with diesel-electric propulsion and ESS-Battery plant for hybrid operation, as well as large onshore power capacity. The plan is to deliver the ship in November 2021.

Brønnbåt Nord Loftoten is a wellboat company established in 2019, and is a local collaboration between Brønnbåt Nord and Ellingsen Seafood.