Nodosa delivers Good Hope
Good Hope has been delivered Nodosa to the Urk-based Osprey Fish Group. Image: Nodosa

Nodosa delivers Good Hope

Twin-rigger/fly-shooter Good Hope LH-357 has been delivered to the Urk-based Osprey Fish Group, the fifth and final delivery in this series of new vessels that began with Henk Senior LH-356 in the summer of 2017.

Good Hope is an identical sister vessel to Neetlje PD-141 which was delivered by the Nodosa Shipyard in Spain before Christmas, with a 28.60 metre overall length, a 10 metre moulded breadth and a moulded depth to the main deck of 4.51 metres.

The main engine is a 749kW ABC 8DZC driving a 3300mm diameter, five-bladed ducted propeller via a Reintjes WGF 1963 gearbox with a 8.023:1 reduction, providing an 11.5 knot top speed and a 25 tonne bollard pull. Gensets on board are a pair of 465kW Caterpillar C18s and a 99kW C4.4 harbour set.

Accommodation on board is for a crew of nine and the fishroom has capacity for approximately 1200 40kg boxes.

Naust Marine supplied Good Hope’s electric deck equipment, installing twin trawl/fly-shooting winches with drum capacity for 4400 metres of 44mm diameter seine rope and with a nominal 21.70 tonne pull, as well as a single 15.30 tonne mid-wire winch for twin-rigging, all controlled by a Naust Marine ATW system for both trawling and fly-shooting. Control is from the wheelhouse, plus there are deck controls and the winch system as a whole is prepared for remote access and control.

Also part of the Naust Marine package are a pair of 11 cubic metre double net drums with a 13 tonne pull and twin auxiliary winches. Guerra supplied Good Hope’s deck crane.