New catch handling deck for Kaldbakur
Kaldbakur EA-1 has started fishing with its new catch handling deck supplied. Image: Slippurinn

New catch handling deck for Kaldbakur

Samherji’s fresher trawler Kaldbakur EA-1 sailed in mid-September for its first trip with a new catch handling deck fitted by the Slippurinn Akureyri yard.

According to Angantýr Arnar Árnason, one of Kaldbakur’s two skippers, the new catch handling system has performed well.

‘We’re very satisfied with the processing deck. The catch quality is high and production is quick. Bleeding and cooling in the rotation bins works well and there have been no problems with the fishroom system. It makes a big difference being able to fill the tubs at deck level,’ he said.

‘The minor problems that have occurred have all been fixed in co-operation with Slippurinn, and their after-service has been exemplary.’

Division manager Ólafur Ormsson at Slippurinn commented that it’s good to see Kalbrakur get off to a good start.

‘In designing the catch handling deck the emphasis has been on making production efficient, providing easy cleaning and ensuring outstanding catch quality,’ he said.

‘It’s vital that the system as a whole is reliable. The co-operation with Samherji has been very good and it’s satisfying to see the catch handling deck performing so well.’