New Börkur arrives in Skagen for outfitting
Börkur arriving in Skagen. Image: Síldarvinnslan/Stefán P. Hauksson

New Börkur arrives in Skagen for outfitting

One of a pair of new pelagic vessels for Icelandic owners, Síldarvinnslan’s new Börkur has arrived at the Karstensen yard in Skagen for outfitting after being towed from Gdynia.

Work is already in progress at the Skagen yard on sister vessel Vilhelm Thorsteinsson, which is being built for Samherji.

According to Karl Jóhann Birgisson, the tow from Gdynia was carried out during perfect weather conditions.

‘I expect to see around a hundred people at work on board. All kinds of equipment is being delivered, including the winches. When work reaches full speed, then I expect there will be 170-180 people at work and everything is well organised here at Karstensens,’ he said.

‘We’re encouraged to voice our opinions on everything that’s done, as that helps the company build better ships. We have been keeping an eye on the work being done on board Vilhelm Thorsteinsson, and that’s progressing very well.’

He commented that the yard expects Börkur’s outfitting to take 5-6 months, so a delivery date in April is predicted.

Both Vilhelm Thorsteinsson and Börkur are being built to the yard’s own design, and the steelwork has been completed in Gydnia.

Börkur was launched in Poland at the beginning of September.

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