Hirtshals Yard back in action

Hirtshals Yard back in action

After a thorough renovation, the floating dock in the Port of Hirtshals is now again back in use after a difficult few months and some necessary changes having been made.

The renovation work included the removal of the 30-year old roof, so while the dock is no longer covered, its lifting capacity has been increased by 800 tonnes to 3100 tonnes, giving the yard opportunities to handle larger vessels.

‘We have been through a tough period for both company and employees, but we are now on the track again,’ director Rasmus Brohus said.

‘We have, of course, always been on the market, and now we can again fully deliver repairs and refurbishment work.’

He added that as the dock has been through an extensive renovation and activity at the yard has been restarted, the company also has a well-placed new shareholders, which provides new future opportunities as well as bringing in some new skills that are expected to ensure that Hirtshals Yard remains even more competitive than before.

‘We are fully aware of Hirtshals Yards role as a driving force in the servicing of ships, and at the same time as the basis for a large number of jobs in Hirtshals. We aim to reach our full potential for ship repair, renovation and refurbishment as soon as possible,’ Rasmus Brohus explained.

The yard has taken delivery in January of the first docking in the refurbished dock with Franklin and the yard has more dock space already reserved in its orderbook.

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