Heading for experimental pelagic fishing
Mokstein alongside at the Skarfabakki quayside. Image: Hampiðjan

Heading for experimental pelagic fishing

Norwegian purser-trawler Mokstein has been alongside at the Skarfabakki quayside next to Hampiðjan’s net loft in Reykjavík, where the company’s staff have been providing technical input to fine-tune Mokstein’s fishing gear.

Mokstein has plenty of history in Iceland, having been built as a side trawler before undergoing rebuilds and refits and operating for many years as Jón Kjartansson – and finally as HB Grandi’s pelagic vessel Lundey, before being sold to Norway a few years ago as the company’s fleet was renewed with a pair of new pelagic vessels.

Now it has made a call in Reykjavík on its way to fishing grounds deep south-west of Iceland for experimental fishing on pearlside and lanternfish south of the Reykjanes Ridge.

According to owner Odd Karsten Østervold, this time of year is ideal for experimental fishing in the Irminger Sea south-west of Iceland, and they are looking forward to starting work as soon as possible.

Several Norwegian fishing vessels have already been licensed by the Norwegian authorities to fish for lanternfish, but Mokstein is the first to try this in the Irminger Sea.


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