EU signs fishing agreement protocol with Senegal
The EU and Senegal have agreed to extend their longstanding fisheries partnership. Image: Marga Timon

EU signs fishing agreement protocol with Senegal

The EU and Senegal have signed a new implementing protocol to the existing sustainable fisheries partnership agreement, extending a long-standing fisheries partnership that goes back to 1980.

The new five-year protocol implementing the 2015 agreement replaces the current protocol due to expire in November 2019. This new protocol allows EU vessels – a maximum of 28 tuna seiners, ten pole-and-line boats, five longliners and two trawlers – to fish tuna-like species and hake in the waters of Senegal.
According to the European Commission, this is based on the best available scientific advice, a stakeholders’ consultation, and follows the recommendations of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT).
Reflecting on the principles of the common fisheries policy, this protocol will contribute to the sustainable management and conservation of natural resources in the waters of Senegal as, based on scientific advice; it foresees a lower total allowable catches for hake compared to the current protocol.
The reference tonnage for tuna has been adapted to historical catches. It also foresees measures to limit catches of marine birds and marine mammals, and to reinforce the role of scientific observers.
In exchange for the fishing rights, the EU will offer Senegal an annual financial contribution of  €1,700,000.
Part of this contribution, €900,000 per year, is earmarked to promote the sustainable management of fisheries in Senegal, in particular through measures that reinforce control and surveillance capacities and the fight against IUU fishing.
The EU funds will be used to promote the development of scientific capacities and to support the development of the artisanal fishing. In addition to this amount, vessel operators will also contribute with approximately €1,350,000 per year.
The new protocol will enter into force when the necessary legislative procedures for its conclusion have been completed.


“senegal 873”by Marga Timon is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0