EU-Mercosur agreement opens export opportunities
Argentina’s fishing industry sees the EU-Mercosur agreement as opening export opportunities to Europe. Image: CEPA

EU-Mercosur agreement opens export opportunities

Fishing industry bodies in Argentina see the EU-Mercosur trade agreement as a positive step for their fishing sector, which they expect will make it possible to strengthen and increase exports to Europe.

The Chamber of the Argentine Fishing Industry (Caipa), the Council of Argentine Fishing Companies (Cepa), the Chamber of Frozen Fish Exporters (Cafrexport) and the Union of Argentine Fishing Interests (Udipa) all see this as an opportunity to develop the relationship that fishing in Argentina has with Europe.
They have made it clear that they hope to see the advantages offered by a Free Trade Agreement in place as soon as possible.
These organisations also stated that this development will contribute to ensuring the future of the fishing sector in Argentina, pointing out that it is not possible for any country to develop if its policies are inward-looking. They see opportunities for sales to be expanded, new investments to be made and employment to grow as new products with added value are developed.
‘The European Union currently represents one of the main export destinations for the Argentine fishing industry,’ the four organisations announced.
‘For this reason, over the last twenty years the sector has maintained an position of support to the different governments handling the negotiations to advance an understanding along the lines of the one that has just been announced.’
They stated that this is an achievement, and in addition to generating new opportunities for the growth of Argentina and Mercosur, it will place fishing in a position to grow as an industry and capable of contributing to the country’s economic development.