Dogger Bank scallop closure extended
The Dogger Bank scallop fishery remains closed for a further three weeks

Dogger Bank scallop closure extended

The current closure of scallop fishing on the Dogger Bank will be remain in place for a further three weeks until 23:59 on 29th August. This follows a preliminary analysis of the state of the shellfish stock, according to the MMO.

CEFAS has been carrying out sampling in the area since the initial closure on 12th July, and results indicate that scallops in the area are currently either spawning or about to spawn. After reviewing the early stock samples, the four Fisheries Administrations (FAs) have determined a three-week extension is needed to finish data gathering, produce a detailed analysis of the research and to start preparing a longer term management plan for the affected sea areas.

The extension will also enable stock in a wider area to finish spawning before fishing restarts and allow for a second consultation with industry if required.

According to an MMO statement, the FAs remain committed to liaising with the scallop industry throughout the closure, during the review and in any subsequent decisions or actions that result from the data gathering.

‘The scallop industry has been keen to engage with Defra and the devolved Fisheries Administrations in co-management of various fisheries, and the new Dogger Bank fishery has been no exception,’ said Jim Portus, Chief Executive of South West PO and chairman of the Scallop Industry Consultative Group.

‘We share government objectives to harvest all stocks sustainably for maximum benefit in the marine environment, for the good of our coastal fishing communities and to ensure the economic viability of all in the supply chain, including in the important fish processing units and among crucial exporters. Having been informed by Defra earlier this week that the specially commissioned North Sea CEFAS survey shows spawning still ongoing on many parts of the Dogger Bank, and is yet to begin in some areas, there was no hesitation in agreeing the Defra proposed additional three weeks closure.’

He commented that the industry would expect Defra and the FAs to consult more fully with the industry and the wider supply chain if any further extension of the closure is contemplated or advised.

The closure covers ICES rectangles 37F1, 37F2, 37F3, 38F1, 38F2, 38F3, 39F1 and 39F2 in the Dogger Bank.

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