Commercialisation of fishing industry

Ethiopia’s fish industry is now getting all support from the government to be on the map of commercial fishing industry globally. The country has 180 different species of fish but only 30 investors who have obtained licenses for commercial fishing. MOA has planned to establish seed production centers which can supply interested companies, facilitate access to credit, provide basic marketing infrastructure.

The government is also ready to boost up private sector investment and establish regular institutional coordination mechanism among stakeholders, strengthen research. According to the Ministry the country is ready to establish a fish industry for the following reasons: the country’s agro-ecologies and climatic conditions, availability of commercially important fish species suitable for aquaculture.

Diversity in fish species could attract the investors which is good for the industry. The Ministry of Agriculture’s survey also showed that in Ethiopia the diets are dominated by carbohydrates derived from cereals which have low protein. However, the demand for fish in major cities has risen sharply.