Belgian beamer order for Padmos
Jasmine Z-483 will be delivered in 2021 by Padmos to Rederij Nathalie. Image: Padmos

Belgian beamer order for Padmos

Belgian owners have placed an order with Dutch shipyard Padmos for a new beam trawler. The yard will deliver the new Jasmine Z-483 in June 2021 to owners Rederij Nathalie.

According to Leon Padmos, the new Jasmine is a new design from keel to mast. Image: Padmos

‘It’s a new design – from the keel to the top of the mast. But it’s still a beamer that will work with 12 metre beam trawl gear,’ Leon Padmos said.

Jasmine is designed for low consumption, with a six-cylinder ABC instead of an eight-cylinder engine, and it will have a 4 metre propeller. So it will have low fuel consumption but will still have good towing power.’

The intention is for the approximately 1300hp engine to drive the 4000m propeller via a Reintjes gearbox with an 11:1 reduction, with the hull optimised for the best possible flow to the propeller.

The new beamer’s hull is expected to be built at CSR in Rotterdam and brought to Stellendam for completion at Padmos.

Jasmine Z-483 will replace an existing vessel of the same name, built in 2001 and the last delivery made by the De Graeve yard in Zeebrugge. This still makes the current Jasmine one of the youngest beamers in the Belgian fleet.

The new trawler will have similar dimensions to the present Jasmine, with its 37.95 metre overall length and 8.50 metre beam, to remain within Belgian tonnage limitations.

Rederij Nathalie is owned by Dany Vlietinck, who has been operating fishing vessels of his own since 1983. The current Jasmine Z-483 has fishing opportunities spread across fishing grounds in the North Sea, Bristol Channel and the English Channel.