Sajoni comes to Skagen

New shrimper Sajoni was christened at the Skagen quayside at the end of last year, and in proper Danish style, built for Henrik Terpet and Brian Sørensen to fish for shrimp and freeze on board. It replaces their older vessel that has served them well for the last five years.

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Russia’s largest farm for Royal shrimp

The largest Russian farm for breeding white Pacific ‘Russian’ shrimp has opened in the village of Kollontai in the Kaluga region south-west of Moscow. Pacific white shrimp are traditionally called ‘royal’ for their size and delicate taste. LLC Russian Shrimp is the only producer of natural Pacific (royal) shrimp in the country, using broodstock imported from Brazil, Indonesia and the US.

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Texel shrimper taking shape at VCU

TCD, the technical arm of Urk Fishermen’s Co-operative VCU is building its first trawler, a shrimper for Texel fisherman Erik Kalf, with keel laid in October and the steelwork contracted to neighbouring company De Flux.

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Success with Storm doors

Greenlandic shrimp trawler Akamalik tows a pair of Vónin 2014 shrimp trawls spread with a pair of the new Storm trawl doors from the same company and skipper Jógvan Tróndarson reports that he is satisfied with the way the gear performs.

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A deck load of shrimp

A deck load of shrimp is not something you are generally prepared for. Just ask Buddy King of the 78-foot Pacific Hooker fishing from Brookings, Oregon, who has been using Wesmar’s new dual stabilised beam HD860-60kHz sonar in the shrimp fishery off the California, Oregon, and Washington coasts.

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