Pelagic stalwart sails south

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Síldarvinnslan’s pelagic vessel Birtingur has been sold and this week sailed from its home port of Neskaupstaður for the last time, heading for its new owners in Las Palmas. Birtingur has been bought by Polish company Atlantex and is expected to be renamed Janus once the formal handover has taken place.

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Óli á Stað becomes Sandfell

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Based in eastern Iceland, Hjálmar ehf has purchased longliner Óli á Stað GK-99 from Grindavík company Stakkavík, along with a 1164 tonne quota in the hooked fishing permit system, and in exchange Hjálmar’s parent company Loðnuvinnslan has parted with a 200 tonne quota in the main quota system.

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