Striped bass poachers under scanner

The Coast Guard has taken the matter of ensuring healthy striped bass population and thus they raise awareness of the federal regulations governing striped bass. They have also increased the enforcement efforts to protect the migration and spawning of the fish from illegal poaching activities.

As striped bass moving farther off shore into warmer waters the fishermen are often pursuing the fish beyond the authorized state waters. The rules said that if striped bass caught of 3 nautical miles and into the EEZ, it is subject to fines starting at $100 per fish. The Coast Guard has established an Atlantic Striped Bass Reporting Hotline at 757-398-6598. The public is encouraged to report any suspected poaching activity to the hotline. Lt. Kevin Saunders of the 5th Coast Guard District’s enforcement branch, said that the Coast Guard is working with state law enforcement and the National Marine Fisheries Service to enforce regulations prohibiting fishing for striped bass outside of 3 nautical miles.