Stadyard to build new purser/trawler for Skår Senior AS

Skår Senior’s new pelagic vessel is designed by Marin Teknikk and scheduled for delivery by Stadyard in late 2021. Image: Stadyard

Stadyard to build new purser/trawler for Skår Senior AS

Raudeberg shipyard Stadyard has contracted to build a Marin Teknikk-designed combinatin purse seiner/trawler for Herøy company Skår Senior AS, replacing fishing vessel Jøkul.

Marin Teknikk had already signed a design contract with Skår Senior AS to develop the MT1120 design for the new pelagic vessel, which will have a 48.30 metre overall length and a 12 metre beam, with capacity for trawling and purse seining, plus a 500 cubic metre RSW tank capacity.

Skår Senior’s new pelagic vessel is expected to focus on herring, mackerel and capelin in waters from the Barents Sea to the North Sea, with the on board vacuum and the MMC First Process RSW systems chosen for the owners’ requirement to maximise catch quality.

Malvin Silden and Agnar Lyng from Stadyard AS, Skår Senior’s Roy Skår and Arve Moltubakk, and Jarl-Åge Vågsholm and Richard Gjerde from design company Marin Teknikk. Image: Stadyard

Propulsion systems will be delivered by Brunvoll Volda, with both the propulsion arrangement and the hull designed to focus on optimal running efficiency. The new vessel will have accommodation for a crew of ten.

‘We are very pleased and and appreciate concluding a contract that secures jobs at Stadyard, Marin Teknikk and among the group of skilled and very capable sub-contractors, as well as generating activity in the maritime sector in other areas of Norway,’ said Stadyard’s Agnar Lyng.

‘It’s rewarding to work with closely with the region’s energetic vessel owners,’ he added.
Skår Senior AS is owned by siblings Roy Skår and Janita Skår who together own 90% of the company, with their cousin Jan-Arve Drabløs who owns the remaining 10%.

The new pelagic vessel will be Stadyard’s newbuild number 46 and is scheduled for delivery in December 2021.