Stadyard delivers netter/longliner to Kenfish II

Stadyard delivers netter/longliner to Kenfish II

The new Seacon-designed combined netter/longliner has been built at Stadyard in Raudberg for Averøy company Kenfish II, and is an SC21 design from Seacon.

The latest in a series of new coastal fishing vessels for Norwegian owners featuring an exceptionally wide beam in relation to overall length, Fay is designed to alternate netting with longlining for whitefish, with three net bins on board and an autoline system with a 60,000 hook magazine capacity.

Specifically designed to be able to take advantage of the quota opportunities available for vessels under 21 metres, Fay has a 20.99 metre overall length with a 10 metre beam, providing space for a crew of ten in four two-berth and two single berth cabins, with each cabin fitted with its own shower and toilet. A great deal of emphasis has been placed on providing the crew with high-quality conditions, both in the accommodation and in working areas on board.

The oversized beam also provides space for 70 cubic metres of fuel capacity, a 190 cubic metre refrigerated fishroom and a processing area on the main deck.

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