Hampiðjan amalgamates activities in Iceland

Hampiðjan amalgamates activities in Iceland

This year Hampiðjan has concluded the acquisition of the entire shareholding in its daughter company Fjarðanet ehf. The background to the acquisition is to establish all of Hampiðjan’s activities in Iceland into a single operation.

These changes take effect as of 1st January 2019 as Fjarðanet becomes Hampiðjan Ísland ehf. Aspects of Hampidjan’s business relating to fishing gear production and to sales and service in Iceland will come under this new company.

Hampiðjan Ísland will have 63 staff. Following the amalgamation Hampiðjan will have five locations in Iceland; Reykjavík, the Westman Islands, Neskaupstaður, Akureyri and Ísafjörður.

“These changes provide a clearer focus on sales in Iceland, as well as better and more cohesive service to the company’s Icelandic customers. Alongside these changes, there will be a clearer separation between sales of fishing gear materials and sales of fishing gears, as is the case with Hampiðjan’s companies in other parts of the world.” said Hampiðjan Group CEO Hjörtur Erlendsson.

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