Pella Shipyard launches Russia’s first custom-built crabber

Pella Shipyard launches Russia’s first custom-built crabber

The first new crabber for a Russian operator has been launched at the Pella Shipyard in Leningrad, and is being built for fishing company Antey, with completion of the 50 metre vessel scheduled for the third quarter of 2019.

Rus is designed for fishing Kamchatka, opilio and blue crab using Japanese-style concal traps, and it will have a catch-handling deck on board for sorting catches, loading them into cages and for these to be held in insulated RSW tanks with a 461 cubic metre capacity. In addition, there is a 30 cubic metre bait store.

The 50.45 metre overall, 12.53 metre breadth Rus is built to carry a crew of 30 and has a 1200kW Wärtsilä 6L20 main engine delivering a 12-knot service speed. Fuel capacity is enough for a 30-day endurance.

The formal launch ceremony at the Pella Shipyard was attended by the Antey Group’s president Ivan Khristyanovich Mikhnov, vice-president Igor Ivanovich Mikhnov and general director Andrei Mikhailovich Polomar, as well as the Pella Shipyard’s deputy general director Sergey Kukhtik, president of the Far East Crab Association Alexander Duplyakov and president of the Primorye Association of Fisheries Enterprises Georgy Gennadievich Martynov.

‘This venture will make it possible to increase the efficiency of the sector, as well as the safety of the crew and the overall competitiveness of the enterprise,’ commented Acting Head of the Federal Fishery Agency’s North-West Terrorist Directorate Andrei Vladimirovich Yakovlev.

Rus was sent on its way into the water for fitting out by its godmother Irina Viktorovna Mikhnova.